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Meet Our Staff

Lisa Lord
Director of Institutional Research

Lisa coordinates reporting to internal University constituents, UL System and Board of Regents, federal IPEDS reporting, and accreditating and external agencies. She also develops and maintains a reporting environment to respond to University data needs.

Greg Ohlenforst
Programmer Analyst

Greg is responsible for providing database management and analytical support for the data reporting environment.  He serves as a hands-on Cognos report developer, performs data extractions for external surveys, and validates data to ensure data integrity. 


The Data Warehouse Analyst will provide database management for the Office of Institutional Research and analytical support of the data reporting environment; manage and maintain historical information in the enterprise data warehouse for use in responding to internal and external requests for data; and will serve as a hands-on report developer for the enterprise data warehouse.


The Decision Support Analyst will provide analytical support to the Office of Institutional Research and University decision-making through data analysis, interpretation, and reporting; will collect, analyze, and distribute data related to the general operation of the University that is used in planning and decision-making; and will serve as a report developer in Cognos.


The Research Analyst will provide analytical and technical support for the Office of Institutional Research for data collection, reporting, and presentation of information; will coordinate submissions of institutional data files to the University of Louisiana System and Louisiana Board of Regents; and will analyze and report University information to internal and external entities.